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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Wireless Controllers - RETROPI - KODI



  • PLUG and PLAY RETROPI Gaming with KODI Media Centre
  • Easy setup; Just plug HDMI, Power and click the power switch and it's GAME ON!
  • IN STOCK ready to ship - Did we mention our FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING Australia Wide!
  • FULL OTD CERTIFIED ASSEMBLY - including UltraCOOL case, Heatsinks and Active Cooling Fan.
  • Out of box support for THOUSANDS of RETROPI Game ROM titles
  • Out of box support for the LATEST KODI Streaming Content
  • Powered by the latest GENUINE Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with WIFI / Bluetooth
  • OTD UltraCOOL Active Cooling Case for OVERCLOCKED Raspberry Pi 3 operation
  • 32GB / 64GB / 128GB Samsung EVO Class 10 48MB/s MicroSD options - Fastest SD card currently available
  • OTD SuperSlim HDMI cable 1.5M - Full 1080p / 4K / CEC support - No big thick HDMI cables
  • OTD USB power supply with full Australian RCM Safety Certification / ERAC Registration
  • OTD USB switched Power Lead - Click on / Click off - NO YANKING the power cable
  • High Quality PS3 style ZERO DELAY Wireless Controllers - Fully configured for RETROPI / KODI
  • Australian REPLACEMENT Warranty on all items


    The OTD CLASSIC RETRO PLUS Package with PS3 WIRELESS CONTROLLER UPGRADE brings together proven, top shelf, professionally assembled Raspberry Pi hardware components and our own highly customised RETROPI / KODI entertainment system. This true plug and play package provides a fully configured, custom and highly optimised set of entertainment systems allowing you to relive the past with friends and family playing all your favourite retro titles, and then relax with KODI media streaming - all right out of the box.

    Simply Plug, Play and Stream. We made sure all systems of the package are easily accessed by just selecting the required functions from the graphical menu with the included Wireless Game Controllers. No complicated commands to remember and without all the hassle of rebooting into another operating system just to use a different function as competing "multi-boot" setups require.

    Typically our Raspberry Pi packages require a reasonable amount of technical ability. This package however is for those that just want to get straight into retro gaming and KODI streaming, without all the hassle of finding compatible components, assembling and then attempting to configure everything from scratch.

    That said; This package is by no means technically dumbed down or in anyway a compromise. On the contrary, only the best, proven components have been utilised and over 200 experienced engineering hours have been poured into this project in order to get the required function, performance and plug and play configuration we were after.


    Latest RetroPi - Fully configured ready for your ROMs
    Latest RetroPi - Fully configured ready for your ROMs

    RETROPI (V4.X) Based Emulation System

    • Support for over 50 retro gaming systems including; Nintendo NES, SNES, Gameboy Advance, N64 (experimental), Sega Master System, Mega Drive, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Game Gear, Playstation 1, Atari 2600, NeoGeo, MAME & more
    • Pre-configured for THOUSANDS of popular ROM titles - Complete with Cover Art and Game Info
      Latest KODI Media Centre - Launched direct from the RetroPie Menu
      Latest KODI Media Centre - Launched direct from the RetroPie Menu

      KODI (Krypton 17.X) Media Centre

      • The very latest (Stable) KODI version, fully configured with controller support and ready to stream
      • Supports your local, external HDD and network based Movie and TV series collections and will automatically attach movie covers and other information



        Due to the plug and play nature of this package, all hardware components will come professionally assembled, configured and tested by team OTD before dispatch. However, for those that are interested in the actual components included / wish to compare against competing offers, please see the below descriptions.


        Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

        Genuine Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with 1200Mhz 64-bit ARMv8 Broadcom BCM2837 processor and onboard 802.11 WiFi and LE Bluetooth. This latest third generation flagship Raspberry Pi model brings a massive increase in performance along with long awaited builtin Wireless networking and Bluetooth connectivity, all while keeping within the same form factor as previous models.

        OTD UltraCOOL Raspberry Pi Case

        Latest version of our Raspberry Pi "UltraCOOL" case now with a new custom 5V Ultra Low Noise fan and a quality Aluminium heatsink set.

        The OTD UltraCOOL case is precision injection moulded in tough ABS plastic to beautifully encase, protect and keep cool your Raspberry Pi 3 Board (or Raspberry Pi 2 / B+). The case features a unique builtin fan mounting system which may be populated with the supplied OTD customised Ultra Low Noise 5V fan to quietly aid in the extraction of hot air. This increases the efficiency of the heatsinks (included) dramatically and will ensure your Raspberry Pi runs nice and cool.


        The OTD Single Port 5.1V / 2500mA USB Power Supply and Switched 20AWG High Current microUSB Cable combination is a proven performer, easily satisfying the current Raspberry Pi 3 recommended power requirement of 5.1V @ 2500mA. In fact our lab testing with precision load equipment showed the power supply to be capable of supplying 5V @ over 3000mA, well in excess of rated performance!


        High quality PS3 style 2.4G wireless controller with a classic ABXY layout with upper / lower shoulder buttons and Dual precision analogue thumbsticks.

        We had these controllers custom made specifically to provide a high quality, entry level Wireless Controller Option for our RetroPi consoles.

        Featuring both digital and analog input our PS3 Style wireless controllers provide maximum compatibly with all current RETROPI emulated systems that require controller input.

        OTD SuperSLIM HDMI Cable

        Premium HDMI cable featuring the latest Ultra Slim technology with gold plated connectors and full HDMI V1.4 compliance supporting up to 10.2Gbps 4K HD Video, lossless multi-channel high fidelity audio, ethernet and CEC.

        No longer do you have to tolerate big fat HDMI cables dragging your device around.

        The Samsung EVO is a class leading microSD card featuring up to 48MB/s transfer rates and a proven track record for reliable storage. High data transfer rates means less time transferring files, faster load times and more generally snappier performance. This is especially true for embedded systems such as your Raspberry Pi 3 whose performance is tightly coupled to the performance of the underlying storage system. Being a premium microSD card they are a little on the expensive side, however given the superior performance we felt the extra was well justified.

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